Angelalign, the clear aligner system the world has been waiting for!

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Angelalign A6 Twin Block Appliance – the next generation of clear aligner therapy.

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For the first time outside of China, Angelalign—the world’s second-largest provider of clear aligners—is now available in Australia. 

First released to the market in 2001, Angelalign has 19 years’ experience and has leveraged its mainland China market volume to invest and build a state-of-the-art fully automated clear aligner production facility to deliver its clear aligners to the global market. The facility includes high-tech 3D printing, treatment planning, and material science, all dedicated to high-quality treatment outcomes.

iOrtho, Angelalign’s revolutionary orthodontic treatment planning software, was released in 2013 and has evolved and been developed to make treatment planning predictable, simple and precise. Clinicians digitally move teeth and take control of their clear aligner cases with iOrtho. The iOrtho software is fully integrated into the Angelalign manufacturing and case management process, providing the doctor with a full-service platform to monitor their Angelalign cases.

Angelalign provides a full suite of clear aligner services including:

MasterControl Material

  • Designed specifically for the Angelalign system, the MasterControl material provides accuracy and high-level control of complex tooth movements while providing a comfortable experience for the patient to reference.

Angelalign Standard

  • Includes A7 extraction protocols – proven and refined over hundreds of thousands of premolar extraction cases.

Angelalign Pro

  • The first mass-produced clear aligner product incorporating different thicknesses of material for various clinical situations.

Angelalign A6 Twin Block

  • The first clear aligner to integrated occlusal blocks for class II correction while also aligning the dentition.

Coming Q2 2020

Angelalign KiD

  • Angelalign’s phase I treatment option, providing options for mandibular advancement, new attachments for short clinical crown heights and new expansion protocols.


  • The first integrated button for elastic wear with clear aligners, the angelButton and the aligners are an integrated structure, reducing chairside time without compromising force expression or anchorage.

“With over 15 years of experience in the orthodontic industry and passionate partner for clinicians and their staff, it is exciting to see another clinically advanced clear aligner in Australia as a world first. Having spent time with the founders of the business who are orthodontists themselves their focus is on delivering the highest quality treatment outcomes possible. The A6 Twin block in particular has the potential to change the way clinicians treat class II malocclusions and deliver a more efficient treatment experience for the practice and the patient.” 

Matthew Thomas, Managing Director, Angelalign Australia

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