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dental practice management systemsThis article is sponsored content brought to you by Core Practice.

Core Practice’s cloud-based practice management software system redefines the way dental practices do business

Dentistry is in the midst of a digital revolution. Not only is this new technology changing detection, diagnosis and surgery, it has streamlined and improved the way dental practices are managed. Core Practice has utilised digital technology to its full potential and created a practice management software system that is fast, safe, integrated and accessible from anywhere.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for dental practices to stay with an older system purely because everyone is used to it. Staff put up with functionality, speed and inefficiency issues because the thought of upgrading to a whole new system is just a bit too scary.


This situation was facing Dr Adam Rosenberg, owner of the Perio Centre in Malvern East, Victoria. The problem was that they were labouring under a 15-year-old practice management system that was clunky and inefficient. 

Clinical manager Katherine Williams recalls, “We just kept putting up with it because it was what we were used to. It got to the point where I was calling the company every week about the same old problems. Eventually, we needed to purchase new hardware.”

Instead, their IT manager suggested saving money on updating the hardware and moving to a cloud-based system. After some searching they discussed their problem with Kenny Ha, founder and software engineer of Core Practice. 

The Core Practice management software system was just what the Perio Centre was after. “The system has tremendous potential,” says Dr Rosenberg. “Core Practice is cloud-based and that gives us the ability to log on to the system from anywhere. What’s more, we can log on using any device.”

Transferring 15 years worth of old data was not an issue for Core Practice. “The transfer went smoothly indeed,” said Dr Rosenberg. “Core also highlighted that we had many processes in place that were no longer useful and completely redundant. We now have a better, more streamlined way of doing things that is far more efficient.”

The functionality of the system and the streamlining of tasks has been a real winner with all the front office staff.

“The thing I love about Core Practice is the automation of so many tasks,” says Katherine. “When an appointment is made for the patient, they receive an email giving them all the details. We’ve stopped writing out appointment cards. Two days before their appointment a reminder SMS is sent out. Our bookkeepers are also very impressed with the reporting systems and are looking forward to the upcoming improvements.” 

Core Practice allows you to produce reports on any aspect of the business. Similarly, finances, bookkeeping and accounting all flow through the Core Practice system seamlessly.

“It works amazingly well,” says Katherine. “And we don’t have to rely on remotely dialing our server.”

Cloud-based, digital management systems are undoubtedly the way of the future. When you’re upgrading your old system, Core Practice will help your business run more efficiently, smoothly and dependably. 

If you are setting up a new practice, the foundation of your business is a state-of-the-art practice management system. It will ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly with no problems down the track. Core Practice future proofs your business while offering security, reliability, flexibility and an incredibly user-friendly interface.  

With new upgrades, programs and features released frequently, this is far from a static system. Specifically designed to meet the needs of modern dental practices, it will revolutionise the way you do business.

“The team at Core Practice have been very accommodating taking our ideas on board,” says Dr Rosenberg. “Everything they do is designed in a very specific way to assist dental practitioners. They’re not just programmers punching numbers; they actually listen to what dental practitioners need. They ask questions, look at how different programs are used and understand exactly what is required. Then they program in a way that is completely user-friendly.

“Core Practice sets the benchmark for dental practice management systems.”

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