ADIA welcomes new CEO


Kym De BrittThe Australian Dental Industry Association has appointed Kym De Britt as its new chief executive officer. De Britt will replace Troy Williams who served as CEO of ADIA for almost nine years.

“Kym is an experienced and versatile executive with a proven track record of building businesses and business culture through change management as well as proven leadership across a range of sectors,” ADIA national president Tanya McRae said.

“Through his education and previous experience, Kym proved to the ADIA directors that he is more than fit for the task of taking the reigns as CEO of the ADIA and representing manufacturers and suppliers of innovative dental products.”

De Britt’s previous positions include general manager, chief operating officer and financial manager at the Franchise Council of Australia; CEO of the Brazilian Butterfly Franchise Group, and the manager for Jetstar at Melbourne airport.

“Kym has worked in some challenging leadership roles, all of which involved a broad constituent base,” McRae said.

“His experience in financial management, budgeting and reporting; staff management, and the running of events and conferences can only help to further build the dental industry.”

Based on a media release sourced from the ADIA website.


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