Take the ADIA Bite Magazine survey to find out what’s going on in the profession


It’s time to have your say again with the ADIA Bite Magazine dental practice business conditions survey for the fourth quarter. The survey is designed to help dentists keep their finger on the pulse of prevailing market conditions.

The survey, says the ADIA, “is a timely snapshot that allows dentists to assess their practice’s performance against others in their state/territory. From trend-level data in the number of patients seen to vacant chair time, Australia’s dental community will be able to determine whether there is upward or downward pressure during a given period and on a regular basis.”

The survey will again cover number of patients seen, new patient numbers, government funding and vacant chair time.

To take the survey anonymously visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DPSQ4FY1516 by Thursday 14 July 2016. Results will be available free from the ADIA website in October.



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