ADA launches petition seeking an end to discriminatory PHI rebates

discriminatory private health insurance rebates

The Australian Dental Association has launched a petition, available through dental practices across the country, which aims to use ‘people power’ to make the government act on the pressing issue of discriminatory private health insurance rebates.

The petition, which will be introduced into the Senate for debate with the express purpose of placing discriminatory rebates firmly on the healthcare agenda, argues that fairness needs to be restored to the PHI system which is manifestly inequitable. 

Ending discriminatory rebates, which offer greater rebates to consumers who opt to use the dentist suggested to them by their health fund (either employed by them or in a contracted arrangement with them) and penalise those who stick with their own dentist, is a priority issue for the ADA driven in part by growing concern within its membership over the influence of private health funds in the delivery of healthcare.


Prior to the federal election the ALP, if elected, promised to launch a Productivity Inquiry into private health care. If the Inquiry had occurred, it is likely that it would have included recommendations related to discriminatory behaviours.  

In its absence, the ADA has launched the petition as a means of bringing further pressure on the government to act. 

This article was sourced from the ADA website.

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