Absolute Dentin™


dentinHigh-strength Absolute Dentin™ stacks great and preps like dentin right out of the cartridge. Being versatile, not only can it be used to build up material in the core of a broken-down tooth, but also as a cement for endodontic posts. Features include:

  • Densely filled (75 per cent) with fluoride/barium glass
  • Strong, stable support for restorations – 172 MPa flexural strength
  • Strongest core resin
  • Dual-cure:  self cures in 4 minutes or light cures in 40 seconds
  • Cures to Barcol hardness of 72 – the typical hardness of dentin
  • Cuts and behaves like dentin
  • Radiopaque
  • Adapts well to molds
  • Works as a post cement
  • Three shades: white, tooth, blue.

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