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Straumann BLX

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Straumann® BLX, with its winning combination of innovative design and surface technology is a leading edge implant designed for immediacy. Due to its versatility, it is also suitable for all other treatment protocols, ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading, to suit clinician preference. 

Dynamic Bone Management, the intelligent implant concept developed specifically for primary stability and immediate protocols in all bone types. The full-length dynamic chip chute collects and condenses native bone chips and distributes them around the implant body. This delivers real confidence, through the combination of legacy, Swiss premium quality, precision and pioneering innovation backed by long-term scientific evidence.  

Interestingly, its aesthetic ease concept comprising one connection with slim and under-contoured prosthetic components, the entire portfolio is simple without compromising on versatility. Straumann® BLX System lets you discover and capitalise on new business opportunities by using chair time more efficiently to treat more patients with confidence.

With one system for all cases (including the more complex) and a broad range of implants, Straumann® BLX also offers treatment flexibility so that edentulous patients achieve optimal treatment outcomes because of the breadth in the portfolio backed by clinically proven materials and technologies.

It’s simple, versatile and flexible.

Dr. Eirik Salvesen, Norway

The immediate loading workflow enables an efficient protocol that leads to fewer surgical interventions and shorter treatment cycles for the patient compared to the conventional treatment protocol. If the patient meets the requirements, clinicians can place the new prosthesis on the day of the surgery. For the clinician, this means increased efficiency and profitability by reducing chair time and enhancing patient satisfaction compared to the conventional treatment protocol. 

As only four to six implants are required for the fixation of the one-piece prosthesis and costly bone grafting procedures can be avoided, the treatment costs to the patient can be significantly reduced in comparison to conventional treatment.

“Even in my dreams I did not believe I could achieve an implant like this”, says Dr. Ophir Fromovich, Israel, the creator of the BLX. Each element of design, from the reduced neck diameter designed to reduce stress on the crestal bone and facilitate slightly subcrestal implant placement, a variable thread design, bi-directional cutting elements, a slim and fully tapered implant core for small and undersized osteotomies to deep apical threads has been carefully planned to deliver predictable patient outcomes.

For confidence beyond immediacy the BLX, with high performance material delivers strength, healing power and primary stability, a flexible, simplified workflow and predictable outcomes with results you can trust.

As long as you have primary stability the world is your oyster.

Dr Blackie Stewart, South Africa 

For more information about Straumann® BLX contact your Straumann Implant Specialist, call our customer service team on 1800 660 330 or email marketing.au@straumann.com


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