A masterpiece of flexibility

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Our era is marked by rapid progress. We need to be flexible to react to changes at ever shorter intervals. As a dental practitioner, you will already know that from your daily work routine. At Dentsply Sirona, we want to give you even more flexibility so that you will be able to react optimally to your needs and those of your patients, both now and in the future. To ensure this, we developed the INTEGO Ambidextrous treatment centre.

INTEGO Ambidextrous is designed for right- and left-handed dentists who want optimal ergonomics without treatment compromises. Furthermore, this treatment centre also gives you the option of changing the treatment position easily and smoothly. The unique rotation mechanism makes it possible to convert the treatment centre from a right-handed to a left-handed position in less than 60 seconds, making it very flexible, particularly in group practices.

For more flexibility and the best ergonomic conditions for every dentist, irrespective of their handedness: INTEGO Ambidextrous.

A dentist’s most important tool is their hands. Today, however, it is no longer relevant if somebody is right- or left-handed.

The Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centre goes a step further and, with INTEGO Ambidextrous, offers a treatment centre with a sophisticated mechanism that can be converted in next to no time: just a few steps and a right-handed treatment centre becomes a left-handed one and vice versa.

This flexibility gives a long-term perspective: Both right-handed and left-handed practitioners can work on the same unit. This is especially of interest for group practices and dental practice networks with numerous clinicians, but also if a practice changes ownership.

Elegant swivel mechanism

Swivelling from right-handed to left-handed treatment is extremely straightforward: a switch on the water unit can be released by foot and then will be moved around the chair. At the same time, the backrest moves automatically to the right position. Then the operating light, monitor and dentist element repositioned—done. This process takes less than 60 seconds and can easily be carried out between the treatments of two patients. For optimal ergonomic comfort, no screws need be released or secured. It meets the high standards of Dentsply Sirona infection control by ensuring that there are no hand movements in a kneeling or squatting position. The intuitive and precise swivel movement minimises the risk of damage to hoses or the collision with other components. This is ensured by the water unit moving in parallel, as it automatically remains in the correct position. No choreography is required for the conversion, nor is special training necessary: The swivel mechanism is self-explanatory and extremely easy to implement.

Ergonomically optimised and hygienically safe

The INTEGO Ambidextrous (also available as INTEGO pro Ambidextrous) treatment unit offers an ergonomic workflow. Every dentist profits from the flexibly positionable components, such as the dentist element, which can be selected either as the TS model with hanging hoses or CS with whip arms. The hygiene system integrated in the water unit ensures optimal hygienic conditions during treatment—this is unique for a swivel treatment centre
on the market.

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