A-dec 500 a step change in dental units

 A-dec dental units

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Every once in a while there comes a genuine ‘step change’ which sets a new benchmark above the status quo.

The first generation A-dec 500 dental unit with its sleek sophistication and advanced ergonomics was a game changer when it was introduced in 2004. The new A-dec 500 signals another step change in dental equipment, aimed at increased productivity and an improved patient experience.

The new A-dec 500 brings an intuitive delivery system with the option of the Primea ‘Advanced Air’ system from W&H. Advanced Air is truly revolutionary, combing the power of an electric motor, with the lightness and tactile feel of an air turbine.

At the same time A-dec has continued its tradition of legendary reliability and superior patient comfort that will have your patients talking positively about their experience, setting you apart.

A-dec 500’s unique ultra thin flexible backrest design and gliding headrest, allows you to position the patient and get close enough to maintain a healthy posture, preventing pain, discomfort and potential long term musculoskeletal injury.

With A–dec 500 everything falls naturally to the hand, without your eyes even having to leave the oral cavity. The generous easy-to-position delivery head has room for up to six instruments including turbines, electric motors, ultrasonic scalers, A-dec Triplex syringe and intraoral camera.

A-dec dental units

Simply grab the centrally located handle and the touch-operated brake releases automatically. Release the handle and the brake is automatically applied to hold the delivery system in place without drifting. Lifting an attached handpiece or auxiliary instrument automatically displays the relevant function and the easy to see touchpad with simple icons can be positioned where you want it.

The A-dec 500 dental chair provides gentle, supportive comfort that puts your patients at ease even during long procedures. An almost silent precision hydraulic motion allows quiet, gentle stops and starts during patient positioning.

Coupled with the ‘virtual pivot’, which synchronises movement of the backrest and seat cushion with the natural motion of the body, there’s no need for the patient to readjust their position on the chair when it is reclined or returned.

The A-dec patient chair is incredibly sturdy and stable, with an impressive 500 lb load rating (227 kg). 

A-dec dental units

The A-dec 500 has a huge range of motion, allowing you to position the patient low down to suit small or petite operators, or at standing height to assist with difficult procedures such as extractions. 

Your assistants will love the A-dec 500 too. The discrete assistants instrument holder and optional articulating round work surface includes room for assistants instruments and all chair controls including LED light, recline and cup fill (if fitted), plus high and low speed suction.

A simple clip-in tray system allows additional storage on the delivery head for procedure trays and consumables, enhancing convenience and materials management.

Experience the next level with A-dec 500. The legend redefined.  

Contact your nearest A-dec dealer or showroom by phoning 1800 225 010.
Or visit: australia.a-dec.com


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