December, 2017

Dental biomaterial resists plaque and kills microbes

dental biomaterialBiofilms composed of Streptococcus mutans—a common cause of tooth decay—were much easier to remove when grown on a newly developed dental material (right image), which has an antimicrobial agent within it, compared to a control material. Credit: University of Pennsylvania

Dentists rely on composite materials to perform restorative procedures such as filling cavities. Yet these dental biomaterials—like tooth enamel—can be vulnerable to the growth of plaque, the sticky biofilm that leads to tooth decay, a new study has found. In […]

ADIA members to get geospatial market data

geospatial data Copyright: cristinabagiuiani / 123RF Stock Photo

Australia’s dental product manufacturers and suppliers will soon have access to the latest geospatial tools to analyse the market for dental product thanks to a major investment in member services by the Australian Dental Industry Association. Using data drawn from a […]