April, 2015

Pain relief research awarded on international stage

patients who are higher catastrophizers will perceive more pain and be less likely to use the muscles affected, according to this award-winning research.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) lecturer Dr Rahena Akhter has been recognised with an award at the world’s biggest dentistry conference. Dr Akhter, from CSU’s School of Dentistry and Health Sciences in Orange, has been presented with the 2015 Joseph Lister […]

Victorian baby teeth predict health of children

The levels of certain isotopes in baby teeth from the Victorian era are helping researchers learn about maternal health.

The team from the Universities of Bradford and Durham analysed the teeth of children and adults from two 19th century cemeteries, one at a Workhouse in Ireland where famine victims were buried and the other in London, which holds the […]

Tax sugary drinks like tobacco

SugarThe British Dental Health Foundation believes governments should restrict promotion of sugary drinks like they do tobacco.

Sugary drinks should be subject to the same advertising and sponsorship rules as tobacco, according to an oral health charity. The British Dental Health Foundation has announced that if major sporting tournaments banned sugary drinks sponsorship – similar to the […]

New device aims to curb teeth grinding

Prof Brian O’Connell, director of prosthodontics at the Dublin Dental Hospital, Dr Ramesh Babu and Dr Padraig McAuliffe, prosthodontist and researcher at the Dublin Dental Hospital.

Technology may soon be used to monitor teeth grinding according to a Dentistry Today report. A group of researchers in Ireland created a mouth guard that can relay information to a smartphone, in addition to a dentist, to pinpoint problems […]