December, 2013

First Indigenous dental assistant trainees graduate

DHSV welcomes the four new trainees to the profession.

Four young Indigenous people have become the first dental assistants to graduate from the Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) Indigenous Dental Assistant Traineeship Program. DHSV, Victoria’s leading public oral health agency, first offered the eighteen-month program in 2012 to encourage […]

Building trusts

Setting up a trust the right way (with the right advice) can pay significant dividends.

Tax savings can make trusts an appealing option for dentists but it’s essential to set up the structure well—or the tax office will be watching. By Kerryn Ramsey Setting up a trust—and choosing the right one—can easily be put in the […]

Power to the people

The idea behind the Dental Support Program came to Liz Dawson when she was volunteering as a welfare worker for a Salvation Army Community Service Centre in Canberra.

Despite her own serious challenges including cancer and blindness, Liz Dawson is still creating enormous positive change in the dental and other industries. By Chris Sheedy Every now and then in our careers we come across a person or a […]