August, 2012

Mother’s emotional health linked to teen oral health

mother and childHow your mum feels at this stage of your life will determine your oral health in years to come.

On the day the Federal Government announced new funding targeted at improving the oral health of children, a
 new study from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine has shown s mother’s emotional health and education level during her […]

Scope of practice report released

The DBA's scope of practice registration standards have led to confusion in the profession, according to the HWA report.

The Dental Board of Australia (the National Board) has welcomed the release of a report by Health Workforce Australia (HWA) on its review of roles and scope of practice of dental therapists, dental hygienists and oral health therapists. A statement […]

Poor oral health can mean missed school, lower grades

It started with a sore tooth, and now his grades have tanked.

Poor oral health, dental disease and tooth pain can put children at a serious disadvantage in school, according to a new Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC study. “The Impact of Oral Health on the Academic Performance of Disadvantaged Children,” […]