July, 2012

US report suggests Dental Therapist model economically unsustainable

The idea that an alternative dental care model may work in places where there is a shortage of dentists has been challenged by the American Dental Association.

A series of reports commissioned by the American Dental Association (ADA) to examine alternative dental workforce models has raised questions as to whether those models are economically sustainable. This follows suggestions in the US that scope of practice for dental […]

No drill future for dentistry

Professor Christopher Peck, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sydney: "Our ambition is to reverse the rate of dental decay in Australia and keep the incidence to minimal levels for future generations."

Fear of the dentist’s drill may be a thing of the past with a ‘no drill clinic’ on track to be opened early next year. From 2013, trainee dentists will deliver ‘no drill’ dental care to patients as part of […]

Dental Industry Association says Aussie implants are safe

At least 134 dental implants derived from human tissue and made by Tutogen/RTI have arrived in Australia since 2006, the company's local distributor has confirmed

A day after newspaper revelations of a seedy, unregulated trade in human tissue, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) has moved to distance itself and its members from the practice. “ADIA can provide assurance that it works with member businesses […]

Race Dental abandons Woodstock lab plans

Managing director of Race Dental, Brad Race, says a lack of Federal Government regulation means the Woodstock lab is unviable.

This week Race Dental announced publicly what many in the Cowra Shire had long-suspected: that it was abandoning plans to establish a laboratory at Woodstock. Announced with much fanfare back at the end of 2010, a statement issued from Cowra […]