April, 2012

Research shows women have more sensitive teeth

Both sensitive teeth and an inability to eat ice cream are causing her pain.

Colgate has been promoting research which indicates that more Australian women suffer from tooth sensitivity than men. Nearly 61 per cent of Australians who suffer from sensitive teeth were found to be female in a recent study of private practice […]

Treating childhood caries begins in the womb

The fight against early childhood caries starts before he's born.

The International and American Associations for Dental Research have published two studies about dental caries in children. These articles discuss the definitions of dental caries susceptibility to the hypomineralization and hypoplasia. The first study, “Hypoplasia-Associated Severe Early Childhood Caries – […]

AIHW says more services needed for Indigenous kids

Indigenous kids' oral health is getting better, but more needs to be done, says AIHW.

The Closing the Gap Child Oral Health Program is having a positive effect on the dental health of Indigenous children in the Northern Territory, but more services are needed, according to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report. “Although […]

DBA decides on definition of a practice

The DBA has decided the definition of a practice is the same as it ever was.

The Dental Board of Australia (DBA) has announced it has decided not to change the definition of practice, and has instead issued guidance about when practitioners need to be registered. In a statement released this week, the DBA said it […]

Tools of the trade: Esthetic Carving Knife by Hu-Friedy

The Hu-Friedy esthetic carving tool makes composites better.

by Dr Jacqueline Amparo, Gordon, NSW   There are times when overhangs and ledges cannot be avoided when using composites. Even after positioning a well-placed matrix system, there can be a minute overhang that frays the floss. After taking out […]