March, 2012

Dental plaque bacteria may trigger blood clots

From your teeth to your blood system, oral bacteria can have serious complications.

Oral bacteria that escape into the bloodstream are able to cause blood clots and trigger life-threatening endocarditis. Further research could lead to new drugs to tackle infective heart disease, say scientists presenting their work at the Society for General Microbiology’s […]

Dutton introduces law to protect dentists

Peter Dutton has introduced legislation to protect dentists.

Opposition health spokesperson Peter Dutton this week introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that seeks to ensure that dentists who have provided appropriate dental treatment to almost one million chronically ill patients since November 2007 are not unfairly penalised […]

Wash your mouth out with silver

Scientists have found silver nano particles may be useful in treating hard-to-treat infections.

Yeasts which cause hard-to-treat mouth infections are killed using silver nanoparticles in the laboratory, scientists have found. These yeast infections, caused by Candida albicans and Candida glabrata target the young, old and immuno-compromised. Professor Mariana Henriques, University of Minho, and […]

Poor dental hygiene can break your heart

If it's already weak, you don't want to break your heart with poor oral hygiene.

Poor dental hygiene behaviours in patients with congenital heart disease are increasing their risk of endocarditis. Teens with congenital heart disease floss, brush and visit the dentist less than their peers. But they have healthier behaviours when it comes to […]