January, 2012

Painless plasma brush soon to become a reality

The plasma brush uses chemical reactions to disinfect and clean cavities for fillings, in addition to forming a better bond for cavity fillings.

University of Missouri engineers and their research collaborators at Nanova, Inc. are one step closer to a painless way to replace fillings. After favourable results in the lab, human clinical trials are underway on the “plasma brush.” In less than […]

ACOSS calls for national dental scheme

ACOSS has called for a national dental scheme to counter Australia's oral health problems, especially amongst the financially challenged.

ACOSS has called on the Australian Government to tackle waste while giving priority to those who struggle the most in the next Federal Budget, and have specifically called for a national population-based oral health program, in place of the Medicare […]

Give a Smile™ treats one thousandth patient

Dr Ted Crawford (right) with Emma, Give A Smile's first patient.

With hospital waiting list pain tipped to get worse, one not for profit organisation is giving Australians something to smile about. Give a Smile™, a charitable arm of the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) treated its 1000th patient last week. […]