• Fly away home

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    With over 200 birds in his aviary, Dr Darryl Mercieca of Minchinbury Dental Care in NSW blames his son for getting him into pigeon racing. It’s all because of my son that I keep racing pigeons in a huge aviary […]

  • Root of the matter

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    Implant failure is more often than you think, reports Tracey Hordern. In June this year, the ABC Radio National Health Report program hosted by Dr Norman Swan featured a story about dental implants, which cited recent Australian research that raises […]

  • Feeling the squeeze

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    Are health-fund-owned dental clinics invaders or saviours? Andy Kollmorgen investigates Corporate dentistry has well and truly arrived in Australia, and these days it comes in all shapes and sizes—including extra large. Its earliest incarnation involved businesses like the Townsville-based 1300SMILES […]

  • Digitising dentistry

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    Australia’s leading dentists are embracing digital technology to improve customer service, boost their marketing efforts, and provide a higher level of in-house patient care. By Shane Conroy The digital revolution has transformed the way we live, and now it’s set […]

  • Super change

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    A cap on the amount of money that can be held in the tax-free, income-generating, pension part of your super fund could have far-reaching consequences. By Frank Leggett The start of the 2017-18 financial year sees a change to superannuation […]

Dental News

Study proves high dental treatment costs due to high sugar intake

Excessive sugar consumption has given rise to dental treatment costs in the billions according to new research conducted in Germany. In a study published in the International Journal of Dental Research, researchers from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the […]

Timely reminder to brush up on oral health

During last week’s Dental Health Week, the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association (ADOHTA) took the opportunity to do its bit to promote oral health education and awareness in the general community. “Within the community, there are many barriers […]

Gum disease tied to cancer risk in older women

Postmenopausal women who have a history of gum disease also have a higher risk of cancer, according to a new study of more than 65,000 women. The study, led by researchers at the University at Buffalo, is the first national […]

Your Business

Welcome to country

With the DRISS program moving into its final phase, the scheme is being branded a success. But those involved agree making the move into rural and remote communities is not for everyone. By John Burfitt As the final stage of […]

Marketing dentistry to women

In most instances, dental treatment is similar for patients of either gender. Important distinctions do exist, however—and practices keen to attract more female patients might want to take note, writes Merran White According to ‘Women and Oral Health’, a 2016 […]

The next step for tele-dentistry

Dental Monitoring, a new smartphone-based tooth-correction-monitoring system, promises to transform how orthodontists treat their patients, writes Shane Conroy When orthodontist Dr William Dabney, who practises in Virginia, USA, stumbled upon the Dental Monitoring display at a London conference, he immediately […]

It’s in the notes

New technology for note taking and data collection is on its way, but in the meantime, it’s worth keeping meticulous notes using currently available methods. By John Burfitt Take a survey among dentists of what is the least favourite aspects of […]

Your World

Where there’s smoke

No-one spends more time peering into people’s mouths than dentists. So it makes sense for them to try and convince their patients who smoke—and are therefore at a greater risk of developing oral cancer—to kick the habit. By Susan Chenery […]

The name giver

How forensic odontologist Dr Alain Middleton identifies the dead to help the living. By Harry Pearl The NSW Department of Forensic Medicine is housed in a drab building adjacent to the state Coroner’s Court in inner Sydney. In the waiting […]

How to have the awkward conversation

New research into the link between oral sex and oral cancer could see dentists playing a pivotal role in treating and informing their patients. But what is the best way to approach this sensitive matter? By Zoe Meunier Oral cancer—or, […]

Project yeti

It sounds like a quest to locate the ever-elusive abominable snowman in the lofty Himalayas. In fact, Project Yeti describes the work of one Australian dentist who’s set his sights on treating some of the neediest residents in the region. […]

Design + Fitout

Erko edge

The Sydney suburb of Erskineville prides itself on being design-savvy with an industrial edge—and Erko Dental fits right in, discovers Kerryn Ramsey. The inner-city Sydney suburb of Erskineville is often referred to as a village due to its community feel, […]

Welcome to the comfort zone

A clear design vision and an effective business model has seen Dr Patrick Dang and Lisa Le grow Pyrmont Dental Health into a three-practice concern in just eight years. Kerryn Ramsey reports One of the biggest frustrations that dentists face is […]

Small pleasures

When a Perth dentist decided to create a boutique practice, the first person he turned to for help was his designer brother. Kerryn Ramsey discovers the brotherly bond. ‘‘I have a lot of respect for people who want to own […]

Riding the green wave

Two suburban dentists found that a green practice takes real commitment but the rewards and satisfaction more than make up for it. By Kerryn Ramsey In front of the Churchill Eco Dental Care practice in Sydney’s northwest, a set of three […]


Tools of the trade: Sucker Blower

by Dr Adrian Freedman, Clayton South, VIC All aspirators and suction tips used in the surgery are sterilised. Plastic ones can’t be steam sterilised as they melt so all plastic suckers are first cold sterilised and then washed and blow-dried. […]

Tools of the trade: Kavo Prophyflex

by Dr Ruark Williams, Roo Dental, Birtinya, QLD After I’ve done an ultrasonic or a scale, I use the Kavo Prophyflex for the final clean and polish. I think it gives a much better prophylaxis and clean compared to the […]

Electric handpieces

This article is sponsored content brought to you by NSK. The dental handpiece is one of the most fundamental instruments used in dental practices. The gradual evolution of the handpiece has seen this tool improve the efficiency of everyday dental […]

German craftsmanship at an affordable price

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Ivoclar Vivadent. Choose from the very best in German-made dental handpieces MK-dent, Germany’s premier manufacturer of dental handpieces, offers a wide range of dental handpieces—from slow to high speed—featuring couplings, motors, […]


Poker face

Read ’em and weep—Dr Nauv Kashyap of Raceview Dental Surgery in Ipswich, QLD, likes nothing more than to win big at a poker tournament. “Back when I was studying dentistry at the University of Queensland, I went to the casino […]

Art is life is art

Drawing on his Chinese heritage, Dr Chee Yong of Launceston, Tasmania, creates evocative art that speaks straight to the emotions. I don’t see my art as a hobby—I see it as a job. I treat it as seriously as I […]

Ride of your life

Dr Peter Duke of Western Smiles Dental Care in Mirrabooka, WA, likes nothing better than taking family, friends and staff for a ride on his turbo-charged jet ski Once a year we rent a house for a weekend and take […]

On the ball

Associate Professor John Cosson of Coastal Oral and Facial Surgery in Benowa, QLD, wears many hats—dentist, doctor, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, pinball wizard. “Lethal Weapon 3 was the first pinball machine I owned. I purchased it from someone who had won […]