• Working in mobile dental clinics

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    The Royal Flying Doctor Service received new funding in the Federal Budget to improve dental health in remote communities, but dentists in these mobile dental clinics say working this way is not for everyone. John Burfitt reports When Dr Alice Gubbins started […]

  • Girl Guides—respect, courage, strength

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    As a Leader with the Girl Guides, Dr Amanda McCosker of Best St Dental in Wagga Wagga, NSW, helps girls grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. Interview: Frank Leggett “I was only six years old when I joined the […]

  • Dr Nauv Kashyap on playing his cards right

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    Multi-practice owner and dental business coach Dr Nauv Kashyap is as deft a hand at business as he is at the poker table. By Sally Wilson Risk is a word that frequently comes up in conversation with Dr Nauv Kashyap. With a career that’s seen him […]

  • Consumer complaints: how you handle them

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    How you handle consumer complaints can make all the difference between resolving the issue in a timely manner or facing a world of pain further down the line, as Tracey Porter discovers. When Melbourne dentist Kia Pajouhesh elected to take […]

  • Dentistry in the ADF

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    The Australian Defence Force is an exciting alternative for dentists seeking something more than private practice. But dentistry in the ADF is not for the faint hearted. By Shane Conroy Think running a busy dental practice is challenging? Try doing […]

Dental News

Don’t miss your chance at $10,000

There are still a few days remaining for ADAVB (Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch) members in private practice to apply for the ADAVB BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary. The Bursary—worth $10,000—recognises and supports dental practices that are committed to quality […]

public dentistry

A win for public dentistry

After engaging this past year in extensive negotiations for new Enterprise Bargaining Agreements for dentists and dental specialists employed in the public sector, the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) has announced that an in-principle agreement for public hospital employees has […]

ASO has a new website

To help you better arm your patients with details about braces and clear aligners, you can now suggest they take a look at the recently launched website of the Australian Society of Orthodonists. The brand new consumer website, Orthodontics Australia, is […]

pain-free dentistry

Pain-free dentistry possible thanks to beam of light

The future of dentistry could be less painful thanks to a world-first project led by researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). QUT’s Australian Laureate Fellowship Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik and his team have just been awarded a grant from […]

Your Business

hours of operation

What should my hours of operation be?

If you’re running a dental clinic, your hours of operation can make all the difference between profit and loss. By Louise Baxter In the medical field, emergency situations are par for the course and time is of the essence. There’s […]

social media marketing

Social media marketing: control your content

Social media marketing for dentists appears to be free, fun and friendly. But you need to understand how the ‘marketing’ bit of social media works. Rob Johnson covers four key questions Facebook is always tweaking and updating their algorithm to work out […]

creating a positive work environment

Creating a positive work environment

Creating a positive work environment pays big time, ensuring it’s where your staff—and your patients—want to be. By Louise Baxter “You’re only as good a leader as your team says you are,” says Anita Roubicek, director and co-CEO of dental […]

sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship: how to score

Sponsoring a local sporting team can deliver new business to your practice, but your objective should be community involvement before profit. By Shane Conroy When Dr Franck Page is not overseeing the operation of his network of thriving dental practices […]

Your World

obstructive sleep apnoea

Controlling obstructive sleep apnoea

While there’s an array of treatments on the market to control obstructive sleep apnoea, a dentist has produced a pioneering device that’s become a real game changer. By James Gallaway Understanding the mechanisms of sleep apnoea for dentists—its relationship to breathing and sleep […]

sexual harassment in dentistry

Sexual harassment in dentistry

No industry is immune to sexual harassment, including dentistry. But just how prevalent a problem is sexual harassment in dentistry and what can—and should—you do if you suspect you’re being targeted in this fashion? Kerry Faulkner reports Allegations of sexual harassment have […]

indigenous dental health

Indigenous dental health and the Poche Centre

Seeking to drive change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health, the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health is helping to close the gap in Indigenous dental health disparities, writes Tracey Porter. It’s not often a service organisation will willingly […]

Dr Sarah Raphael

Dr Sarah Raphael—the career crusader

Following three decades at the top of her profession, there’s little that Dr Sarah Raphael has left to prove. Yet when it comes to the race to eliminate sugar from children’s lunch boxes, the veteran practitioner feels she’s barely out of the starting […]

Design + Fitout

Erko edge

The Sydney suburb of Erskineville prides itself on being design-savvy with an industrial edge—and Erko Dental fits right in, discovers Kerryn Ramsey. The inner-city Sydney suburb of Erskineville is often referred to as a village due to its community feel, […]

Welcome to the comfort zone

A clear design vision and an effective business model has seen Dr Patrick Dang and Lisa Le grow Pyrmont Dental Health into a three-practice concern in just eight years. Kerryn Ramsey reports One of the biggest frustrations that dentists face is […]

Small pleasures

When a Perth dentist decided to create a boutique practice, the first person he turned to for help was his designer brother. Kerryn Ramsey discovers the brotherly bond. ‘‘I have a lot of respect for people who want to own […]

Riding the green wave

Two suburban dentists found that a green practice takes real commitment but the rewards and satisfaction more than make up for it. By Kerryn Ramsey In front of the Churchill Eco Dental Care practice in Sydney’s northwest, a set of three […]


endodontic motor

Tools of the trade: VDW Gold Reciproc

by Dr Matthew Nangle, Everton Park Dental, QLD This endodontic motor is an effective and user-friendly piece of equipment. While it can’t replace clinical skill or judgement, it’s certainly the best adjunct to root canal therapy that I’ve come across. […]

bonding agent

Tools of the trade: Riva LC

by Dr Lester Mark, Endeavour Hills, VIC Riva LC is a resin-modified glass ionomer cement in a capsule. I use it for root caries lesions, non-load bearing restorations in areas (or for patients) where aesthetic demands are not high, deciduous […]

dental practice management systems

An easy-to-use system that helps a dentist manage their practice

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Core Practice. Core Practice’s cloud-based practice management software system redefines the way dental practices do business Dentistry is in the midst of a digital revolution. Not only is this new technology […]

online dental software

Your practice data— ownership and management

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Praktika. The major changes in practice data principles are happening so quickly that the legal base and work practices are struggling to keep up the pace. The most burning issues are […]




It’s been a long and winding road but Dr Harry Marget of East Bentleigh Dental Group in Victoria is about to enjoy pinot noir from his own vineyard. Interview: Frank Leggett “When I was an undergraduate student at Adelaide University doing dentistry, […]


Breeding papillons

As a breeder for the show ring, the look of a papillon is very important to Dr Jayne McEwan of Colac Dental Practice in Victoria—but it’s their personality that won her heart. Interview: Frank Leggett “I was 10 years old when […]


One with her unicycle

When taking her unicycle out for a spin, Dr Genevieve Nawrot of Rutherford Dental in New South Wales thinks nothing of pedalling 80 or 90 kilometres. By Frank Leggett “Each year, a Sydney to Wollongong bike ride raises money to […]


Superheroes among us

Mild-mannered dentist by day, Dr Cheryl Koh of The Family Smile in Fulham Gardens, SA, transforms into all manner of superheroes when a Comic-Con is in town. By Frank Leggett “In 2012, when my twin boys were five, we joined […]

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