• Foreign tongues

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    When treating non-English-speaking patients, it’s vital that you make yourself understood by going through a professional interpreter, writes Samantha Trenoweth. Sometimes you have to tell it straight—there’s no sugar-coating the condition of those teeth—but what do you do when the […]

  • Your life: dressage for success

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    For the past 30 years, Dr Peter Ewing of Ascot Dental, QLD, has been breeding, training and competing warmblood horses. A warmblood is a carriage horse that was developed by crossing ‘cold-blooded’ draft horses with ‘hot-blooded’ thoroughbreds. The breed looks […]

  • Look before they leave

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    Managing extended leave among your staff can be a difficult and complicated process. But as Mick Daley discovered, it doesn’t have to be Any dental practitioner that employs one or more staff knows the confusion that can result when leave […]

  • Your practice.com

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    The medical-services industry has long relied on promotion by word of mouth, which is still a powerful force. But many potential customers are now turning to the web. By Chris Sheedy Consider for a moment how Google works: advertisers pay […]

  • Higher calling

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    Dr Steven Naoum believes everyone deserves good dental care. Which is why he’s taking Macquarie Street to Bourke. By Samantha Trenoweth Dr Steven Naoum grew up in Western Australia but in recent years has been working to bring quality oral health […]

Dental News


Keep flossing, urge leading dental associations

The flurry of media reports recently, following the US health department’s decision to remove daily flossing from its list of dental recommendations, have called into question the benefits of what has long been held up as integral part of oral […]


New video series launched to help dentists treat those with dementia

The Australian Dental Association (ADA), in partnership with Alzheimer’s Australia, recently launched an online series designed to help the dental profession better care for people living with dementia. Composed of six video modules now available via the ADA’s CPD Portal, […]

Your Business

calm waiting room

Keep calm and wait on

Research shows that a well-designed waiting room helps to alleviate patient stress and anxiety. Better still, you don’t need a complete renovation to reap the rewards. By Angela Tufvesson For most patients, waiting for a dental appointment is about as […]

weekend work

Weekend work

Opening your practice on weekends might attract a larger customer base—but when you consider the extra cost involved, John Burfitt asks is it really worth it. The first thing Dr Lucas Lang of Dentistry Plus and his team do when […]


Deals, discounts and dentistry — coupons for dental practices

Dentistry has traditionally demured from loud marketing. So why the sudden enthusiasm for the Shop A Docket? By Meg Crawford Traditionally, dentists shied away from the concept of selling dentistry—no one wanted to be branded a used car salesman or ambulance […]


Married to the job

When a married couple runs a practice together, they get to build the business as a team but do they have a life outside the office? Kerryn Ramsey reports. Choosing to run a dental practice with your spouse has many […]

Your World


Sleep apnoea and depression

Dentists who treat obstructive sleep apnoea should be aware of new research linking depression and OSA in men, reports Frank Leggett Men with undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) have a strong association with depression, according to a study conducted by Dr Carol […]


Good sports

There’s a grand tradition of dentists volunteering their time and skill at sporting events right across Australia. Frank Leggett reports. The crowning jewel of Australia’s volunteerism was at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. The original group of volunteers numbered […]


Suffer the children

If the Child Dental Benefit Scheme was so universally liked, why would the government replace it with a less targeted, less funded, less valuable scheme? By Sue Nelson. In the week before the 2016 Budget was delivered, Federal Health Minister […]


Printing the Holy Grail

 A bioprinter that can grow human tissue and bone is on its way. The man researching it, Professor Saso Ivanovski, explains what this development really means for the future of dentistry. John Burfitt, reports. Griffith University’s Professor Saso Ivanovski is, […]

Design + Fitout


Erko edge

The Sydney suburb of Erskineville prides itself on being design-savvy with an industrial edge—and Erko Dental fits right in, discovers Kerryn Ramsey. The inner-city Sydney suburb of Erskineville is often referred to as a village due to its community feel, […]


Welcome to the comfort zone

A clear design vision and an effective business model has seen Dr Patrick Dang and Lisa Le grow Pyrmont Dental Health into a three-practice concern in just eight years. Kerryn Ramsey reports One of the biggest frustrations that dentists face is […]


Small pleasures

When a Perth dentist decided to create a boutique practice, the first person he turned to for help was his designer brother. Kerryn Ramsey discovers the brotherly bond. ‘‘I have a lot of respect for people who want to own […]

The sculptural bike racks outside Churchill Eco Dental Care are both pretty and practical.

Riding the green wave

Two suburban dentists found that a green practice takes real commitment but the rewards and satisfaction more than make up for it. By Kerryn Ramsey In front of the Churchill Eco Dental Care practice in Sydney’s northwest, a set of three […]




by Dr Pia Oparkcharoen, Docklands Dental Studio, VIC Isodry is a silicone bite block and suction system combined into one unit. It allows for hands-free suction during a wide variety of procedures. What’s good about it The mouthpiece is constructed […]


NSK handpieces—powerful, durable, reliable and comfortable

NSK provides a wide variety of dental products built by core ultra-high-speed rotational technologies. Well aware of the everyday tasks of clinicians, NSK aims to minimise the patient’s time in a chair and provide efficient and precise procedures in an […]


SomnoMed Mandibular Advancement Splint

by Dr Darryl Moses, Align Dental, Pennant Hills, NSW These splints are used for treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. The dentist takes an impression, bite registration and other required, relevant records. This information is sent to SomnoMed which custom […]

dental handpiece

Victor D handpieces: Every bit counts

Setting up your own surgery is an exciting threshold to cross. After years working in others’ practices or in the public system, your head is bound to be bursting with ideas of how you want your ideal practice to look: […]


guitar collection

Six-string obsession

A guitar collection is never complete, according to Dr Howard Holmes of Carousel Orthodontic Centre in Cannington, WA “My guitar collection happened by accident. Back when I was a dental student in the late ’80s/early ’90s, I was playing in […]

Sharon zaks

Triple threat

Three bands, a comedy show and a cabaret act—Dr Sharonne Zaks of Sharonne Zaks Dental in Daylesford, VIC, knows how to keep herself busy. “Up until very recently, I was playing trumpet in a band called Madre Monte, a very […]


The art of flying

With over 100 pieces in his aviation art collection, Dr Anthony Burke of DentalArt in Ringwood, VIC, feels like he’s just getting started. There’s a piece of aviation art I’ve been hunting down for a while. It’s a magnificent painting […]

McEd Test

The finer things in life

Utilising her skills as a dentist, Dr Angela McCarthy of Erko Dental in Erskineville, NSW, makes beautiful worlds in miniature. I began making miniature dioramas when I had an Etsy shop. The site specialises in arts and crafts, and I […]

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